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Hi! I'm Xandra Ann Mapp, an artist that grew up in the small fishing town of Port O' Connor, Texas. In April of 2023, I became a full time artist. For 10 years, I worked as a Registered Nurse, with much of that time spent traveling. The stress of hospital work caused me to seek refuge in my first loves: art and the water. My entire life, I have always had a passion for the outdoors, and a talent with art that came naturally. By 2017, I'd realized that combining my love of art and angling would give me the freedom that I was looking for. Creating this art even led me to go on a first date with my now husband, Martin. In 2021, I left nursing to work in Coastal Fisheries and further pursue my career as an artist. I am also a believer in the word, a USCG licensed captain, certified diver, DIY-er, history lover, and seafood/wild game enthusiast. 


Although travels and life took me across the country, I had always considered Port O' Connor to be home. Nowhere else. Being blessed with this upbringing shaped my passion and respect for the natural world, which, I hope, is reflected in my art. My work is available in diverse mediums: oils, acrylics, watercolor, wood, mosaics, murals, sculpture, etc... I do not believe that there are any boundaries to creativity. My favorite subjects are ones I'm most familiar with: fish of any and all kinds. Funky things. Coastal and Western themes. 

Whether in the studio, or in the field, images of these wild and wonderful creatures never leave my mind. With a return to the natural world, it is through my art that I hope to inspire others to be mindful, to protect, and to enjoy their natural surroundings. 

Xandra Ann, Marine artist, wildlife artist, fishing artist, redfish, tarpon, trout, oysters, coastal art, home decor
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